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July 2019

August 2019

John, Matt and Michelle’s trip out to Africa

Matt and John leaving 3rd September, arriving Blantyre at noon on 4th.

6th, 7th & 8th conference with Matthew speaking three times

9th – 14th Working with Damson to discuss the work of Penuel School; and how to apply the rebuilding fund.

10th John travels to Uganda to see his friends there and meet Sebastian

15th Matt travels to Kenya and stays with Kili family to begin with.

15th Michelle leaves UK and arrives in Nairobi 5am on 16th.

18th John travels back to UK

18th M & M travel to Nakuru and have days of discussion with Patrick and Grace including a visit to Morning Star to talk to the school community.

22nd Preach at Life Changing then travel to Itigo

23rd – 26th In Itigo setting out the male dormitory block and associated rooms.

25th  Official ground breaking ceremony with Dignitaries!!

27th Go to meet the man working with Anton Green near Kisumu.

28th to Nakuru

29th Preach again at Life Changing, Nakuru then off to Nairobi

30th Rest day

1st October  FM & M fly home 09:20 arriving 16:15 T 4

August 2019

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Summer 19