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Extra People

Extra people being helped by Hope in Africa

Manasseh's grandchildren


A neighbour to Edward, Manasseh recently lost his son.  His daughter in law and her five children have no means of support, (Although Edward is assisting her to start a small charcoal business), and she has to rely on casual work to feed the family.

Hope for Lugazi has stepped in and is supporting the children in school and has helped in the building of a house for them to live in in Kakubansiri.  The current need is for a pit latrine to be built.




A young girl attending Ray of Hope Community school, broke her leg in the playground.  She stopped going to school so Margaret went to visit to find out why she stopped coming.  She found the little girl with the broken leg. She was taken to a children’s bone specialist hospital in Entebbe where she has been treated.  She now walks with a  slight limp, but does not use a crutch and her leg seems to be getting stronger. She will need about two more visits to the hospital and then she will be discharged from the hospital.  She will be a recipient of one of the pairs of shoes donated by Hope for Lugazi.



Charles is currently the director of studies and a class teacher.  The school want to further his training to become a fully qualifired teacher. He can then take the place of head teacher.  Margaret is very happy with this.  He has two years of training to go. In 2019, he needs £190 and in 2020, £200 to complete his training. He will complete in December 2020.

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